Schedule of Events


Wednesday, December 1

Early Childhood: Joyful Reading of Layla’s Happiness

Grade 1-2: Layla’s Happiness Haiku writing

Thursday, December 2

Grades 3-4: Presentation of Fauja Singh Keeps Going: The Story of the Oldest Runner to Ever Run a Marathon.

*Special Community Event 6:30 pm: an evening with Simran Jeet Singh, facilitated by Alethea Dunham-Carson. In-person presentation focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion from author/activist Simran Jeet Singh’s perspective with reference to his book Fauja Singh Keeps Going and why it is important to tell this story

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Friday, December 3

Grades 5-6: Looking at Fauja Singh Keeps Going as a picture book biography concerning representation on whose story needs to be told and why.

Saturday, December 4

Black Boy Joy Book Hour. A Conversation with Marlon Henry, Angela Flynn and Frances Martindale. 1:30pm

Marlon Henry, Angela Flynn and Frances Martindale will lead an informal discussion based on Black Boy Joy, an anthology of stories curated by Kwame Mbalia on the theme of Black boyhood. This will be an in-person, outdoor event, around a firepit if necessary! The conversation is open to all ages, whether or not they have read the entire book.

Monday, December 6

Grades 4-8: Overview of Kwame Mbalia's work with readings from his Tristan Strong trilogy and Black Boy Joy, including a question and answer period for students.

Tuesday, December 7

Grade 7: A talk about Kwame Mbalia's Writing Craft in conjunction with National Novel Writing Month.

Grades 7-8: Arts Elective Workshop: drawing the human form using the power stance pose and other superhero/ concept design practices.

Wednesday, December 8

Grades 4-8: Eric Wilkerson will describe and illuminate his journey as an artist from middle school to the present day.

*Special Community Event: 6:30-7:30 a conversation with Kwame Mbalia and Eric Wilkerson, moderated by Noni Thomas Lopez, focusing on their respective creative paths to increasing African American representation in children's books. Previously submitted questions will be answered.
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Thursday, December 9

Grades 3-4: Building on techniques learned in art classes, students will extend their drawing of human figures, both real and imaginary, and explore recreating existing comic and superhero figures.

Grades 1-2: Reading of Billy the Rescue Dog with question and answer period.

Grades 3-4: Using Billy the Rescue Dog to explore the process of working as a writing and illustrating team to create a book that tells a story and also supports a greater cause, including the care of animals.